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About Najla's

Najla immigrated to Canada in 2001 and spent the years there studying cosmetology. She obtained different type of cosmetology types of certification and diplomas enhancing her knowledge and expertise in the fields of skin, Hair and Make-up. She took courses in a variety of institution and mainly studied from two of the most renowned Hair and Skin academies, The International Academy of Hair Design and Marvel school of skin, both located in Ontario. Furthermore, her education career extends to her attending a number of seminars, Workshop and short course all around North America regarding Skin Health care, hair care and Therapeutic treatments.

Najla is a certified and experienced Cosmetologist, Aroma therapist and Make-up Artist. She has practiced her skills in different workplaces all around Canada and America and had also opened a salon in Canada before returning back to Pakistan to share. Her expertise in the field of skin and Hair care are a unique combination of traditional Eastern techniques and western technologies which have earned Najla1s Beauty Clinic and Institute a distinction in the area.

Najla`s motto: Our Knowledge, You Beauty. We serve to bring out the REAL face behind every average woman, because every woman is special!